– local business review site, plus dispute resolution

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I know what you’re thinking, yet another business review site. On the face of it, that’s true – at first glance there’s nothing separating Helphound from Yell, WeLoveLocal or TouchLocal. Look closer, however, and you’ll find plenty to like.

Much like the aforementioned sites, Helphound provides a community centered around reviewing organizations and businesses. Helphound’s differentiating factor, though, is a dispute resolution mechanic, where businesses can dispute a bad review, allowing them to remove it temporarily from the site and try to engage the customer instead. If they fail, the review goes straight back up.

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Xbox 360's HD DVD drive has over a third of the US HD DVD player market

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Uh-oh! Time for another update on the relative successes and/or failures of the new HD movie formats – this time as seen through the eyes of impartial American stat-compiler NPD.

According to NPD, 750,000 HD DVD players have been sold in America – and the cheap old Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on has been responsible for 269,000…

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