The Dandy comic goes digital: Relaunch issue free today

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After 75 years as a British print comic, The Dandy today makes the full transition into the digital age, ditching paper altogether in favour of a web-based version of its strips. Delivered as an interactive, panel-by-panel motion comic, The Digital…

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Branson's Project iPad magazine on the App Store Now

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Richard Branson and Virgin's first roll of the iPad-publishing dice has touched down on the App Store. Issue 1 of the iPad only magazine Project is now available to download. Housed within a reader app, Project can then be bought…

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Ubisoft: 50% of all videogames will be 3D by 2012

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Half of all games will be produced in 3D by 2012, according to Ubisoft, the French publishing house responsible for the Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia franchises. Though 3D TVs are only just beginning to roll out across the…

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