REVIEW: DmC Devil May Cry (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

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Demon hunter Dante gets a new look, new moves and a new sense of purpose in series reboot DmC Devil May Cry, which gives Capcom's flailing series the kick up the backside it needed. Read on to find out if DmC manages to best the classic series' once-lofty highs in our full review.

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Cowboys in videogames – saddling up for Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption, the open-world cowboy adventure from the brains behind the Grand Theft Auto series, is shaping up to be one of the must-have games of the year. A stunning take on Sergio Leone style Spaghetti Westerns, it's a…

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Hot Coffee laid to rest: turns out NOBODY actually gave a shit

Al W Gaming 1 Comment

San_andreas_sex_1_2Remember the GTA: San Andreas Hot Coffee scandal? Of course you don’t, you were busy updating your Bebo profile, chatting on MSN messenger, patiently explaining to people why Limewire was so much better than YouTube, and all those other archaic things we used to do. Ah, the heady days of youth.

Rest assured though, Hot Coffee nearly brought the games industry to its knees, and certainly not in a good kind of ‘Thai massage’ way either. A naughty hacker squirreled deep within the game’s code and discovered a desperately unexciting sex-based mini game and produced a patch to unlock it.

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