INTERVIEW: Epson's Hans Dummer on 3D, the future of home cinema and the "Wife Acceptance" factor

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It's going to be a big year for Epson. They're pushing their first line of 3D projectors, with the top-end EH-TW9000W wireless model impressing at IFA 2011 in Berlin, while also navigating the murkier waters of budget-friendly projectors with…

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Epson offer EH-TW450 and EH-TW3500 projector bargains with high-tech freebies

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Epson have announced two new projector deals to coincide with this years 2010 World Cup, and they looks very tempting indeed. Customers who pick up a EH-TW 450 projector will receive a complimentary 80 inch Epson portable screen, worth £157….

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BenQ show off new short-throw, silent and ultra-bright projectors

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My cup’s running over with projectors right now, after BenQ announced a whole heap of new models yesterday lunchtime. They’re all rather impressive too – one range are ultrabright, one range are deathly quiet, and there’s a selection of remarkably short-throw models that can project a 74″ picture on a screen just one metre away…

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InFocus pushes out IN3100 Series multimedia projectors

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InFocus continues to push out business-friendly projectors with the launch of three new models in its IN3100 range. You know what, I wouldn’t mind seeing one of these sitting in my front room.

Sitting neatly between the IN1100 and IN5100 Series of projectors, these units features both DisplayLink and HDMI connections, meaning you should (with the help of an adapter here and there) be able to connect it to pretty much any PC or AV product…

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IFA 2008: Epson EH-DM2 Projector, for those who want their own bat signal

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EpsonEHDM2View3_high (Small).jpg

Are you an Epson projector affectionado? Do you have an irrational compulsion to own the complete Epson set? Do you spend your weekend mornings meeting up with other “Epson-heads” to show off your machines and compare lumens? Maybe you even push your kids into following your Epson hobby too, getting them to live out your own failed Epson projector dreams? If so, you were probably pretty happy this morning when Epson unveiled four new projectors. I’ve got some further good news for you – but not for your “Epson widow” wife – they’ve announced yet another projector… the EH-DM2.

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IFA 2008: Epson announces four new high definition projectors: EH-TW420, EH-TW3000, EH-TW3800, EH-TW5000

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Epson has announced five new high definition projector systems at this year’s IFA, offering a range of features for different budgets. Get ready for some specs…



The EH-TW420 is one of Epson’s more entry level 3LCD projectors, offering 720p projection, 2,000 ANSI lumens brightness, decent connectivity including HDMI and USB, various colour modes including a game mode to better process fast moving images, in-built 7W speaker, and keystone correction.

Retailing for around £649 and available from September.

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CES 2008: Microvision's diddy mobile projector the Show

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The trouble with watching video on mobile phones is that their screens don't tend to be big enough to let you get any idea of what is really happening. So all you get is a poor reproduction of the footage – some of which is now starting to approach decent quality – which you have shot.

One solution is to offer mini projectors that can hook up to mobiles and then display the images on any light coloured wall you might have handy.

At CES Microvision is touting a prototype of a ‘pico projector’ it calls ‘Show.’ It is basically a handheld, battery powered unit which can project video from everything from your mobile to your iPod. The unit itself is tiny – it is just 7mm thick – and has a battery life of over two hours.

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