RIM slowing BlackBerry PlayBook production following poor sales of iPad rival

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BlackBerry PlayBook manufacturers RIM are reportedly slowing production of their iPad-rivalling tablet device, following a poor second-qaurter earnings report. Component and OEM trackers DigiTimes are reporting that RIM's production partners Quanta are laying off as many as 1,000 workers,…

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RUMOUR: Samsung cameraphone hits 12 megapixels

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In a couple of weeks, Mobile World Congress will hit, and we’ll have more mobile phone news than you can shake a stick at. Until then, we’ve just got all the rumours of the stuff that phone companies will release – continuing with this one. Samsung may be unveiling a 12-megapixel cameraphone at MWC.

What’s startling is their urgency to get this on the market. Sources suggest that it’ll hit production lines this month, arriving in Europe shortly after. I can’t help but think, however, that this is more of a marketing move than a technological one, and the image quality won’t be fantastic.

(via Engadget)

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Inevitable newsflash: Pioneer announces end of production of Plasma panels

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Pioneer has gone and announced exactly what everyone’s been expecting for the last month or more – that production of their Plasma screens will be ceased, with third-party (likely Matsushita) panels being rebranded for their Kuro range.

According to a news release from Pioneer this morning, “we have judged that maintaining the cost competitiveness of plasma display panels at projected sales volumes will be difficult going forward. Accordingly, we have decided to terminate in-house plasma display panel production and to procure these panels externally, after panel production for our next series of models is complete.”

To reduce the amount of job losses…

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The DeLorean could be making a comeback

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delorean.jpgFor most men, boys, uncomfortable youths and girls who are into that sort of thing, the DeLorean car is the ultimate vehicle fantasy. Ferrari’s are for idiot footballers – real men want a dirty DeLorean.

Even before it was immortalised in Back to the Future, the flashy gull-wing motor just had a bit of magic about it, thanks to its space-age (for 1982) angular looks…

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NAMM 2007: M-Audio Torq Xponent advanced DJ performance and production system

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M-Audio showed off their Torq Xponent Advanced DJ Performance/Production System at NAMM 2007. It's an integrated hardware and software DJ performance system. It allows you to cue, beat-match and mix digital audio files using full-size, professional-grade controllers. All hardware…

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