Man responsible for iPhone 4, iPad leaks faces 30 years behind bars

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" src="" width="480" height="624" class="mt-image-center" style="text-align: center; display: block; margin: 0 auto 20px;" /> A former executive at Flextroics could face as many as 30 years in prison after leaking details of the iPhone 4 and iPad development processes…

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Hospital housing Yorkshire Ripper and Robert Napper given 22 Wii consoles

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Broadmoor Hospital, an asylum housing criminally insane inhabitants such as the "Yorkshire Ripper" Peter Sutcliffe and murderer Robert Napper has been given 22 Nintendo Wii consoles. The total cost of the consoles amounts to £5,000 of UK tax payer's money….

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Prison Officer sacked after friending prisoners on Facebook

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There are several no-nos to avoid when you’re a prison officer. Letting the inmates out for a picnic is one. Swapping places with the prisoners and pretending you’re in some kind of Bizarro World is another. Befriending them on Facebook is another equally stupid sounding mistake, but one that a Leicestershire prison officer was sacked over.

An investigation into Nathan Singh was initiated when he was suspected of providing mobile phones and other such banned items to inmates. He was really caught bang to right when it was discovered that amongst his Facebook friends were 13 criminals, even though they didn’t find any evidence of his alleged smuggling. He was sacked for gross misconduct as a result.

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OJ Simpson is Steve Jobs's hired hitman, says reputable source (from his prison cell)

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alt="oj-simpson-court-2.jpg" src="" width="103" height="162" />Our second OJ Simpson story in two days? Don’t worry, this is still a technology blog…I think. But hey! This story involves Steve Jobs too! That got your interest back, eh?

According to the lads at Apple Insider, a prisoner in a South Carolina jail has accused Steve Jobs of employing O.J. Simpson as a ‘hitman’ over the past two decades. Yes, really. I’d be looking into hallucinogen-smugglings at that prison, if I worked there.

According to prisoner Jonathan Lee Riches, Simpson has been Jobs’s hitman since the “1985 MOVE house bombing in Philadelphia, which Jobs started with borrowed pyrotechnics from Great White,” as well as “providing Jobs with food blenders since the midwest flood of 1993″ and that Simpson also “paid Jobs to clone Dolly the sheep on April 20, 1998.”….

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Play The Prison Life: Paris Hilton's prison game

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Paris Hilton – is she in, is she out, are her attempts contrition ‘a cynical ploy’ as Forbes claims? Who cares really, when we’ve got the online flash game I told you about last week just after the jump. Click on the link below to take advantage of your employer’s lax internet usage policies…

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Free Paris Hilton! Or at least play her mobile game

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paris-hilton-mobile-game.gifPoor the Paris Hilton. She’s been ordered back to jail by the nasty judge who sent her there in the first place, without a thought for her wealth health. And in prison, lest we forget, Paris won’t have access to a mobile phone, and she sure as hell won’t be sporting any diamonds. Unless she smuggled some in up her bottom, of course.

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'The Prison Life: Paris' online game parodies Paris Hilton's misfortunes :(

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parisgame.jpg She may’ve escaped jail just yesterday, but an online game has been created by the people behind Kim Jong-Il: Missile Maniac, Rosie Vs. Trump and other relevant-for-15-minute ‘classics’, GSN. Yep, The Prison Life: Paris, has hit teh internets and is proving to be a lot of fun for those sick of the celebutwat, Paris Hilton.

“Paris is in jail and the warden has assigned her to design and build license plates. Help her with her job and watch out for her little dog “Clinkerbell”, the website boasts. The wonky-eyed one is decked out in an orange jumpsuit…

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