Spotify: Everything You Need To Know

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It's taken far longer than American music lovers would have liked, but finally Spotify, the world's premier music streaming service, has launched stateside. Fans of the service in the UK, Sweden and across Europe have raved on about how…

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REVIEW: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium Edition (PC)

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Just as the clickity-clackity sound of the humble typewriter was superseded by the tip-tap of the PC keyboard, could we soon replace even this staple PC accessory with merely the power of our voices? That's more-or-less the idea behind the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium speech recognition software from Nuance, offering advanced dictation and hands-free PC navigation controls. Is it time to unplug your keyboard and warm up your vocal chords? Read on to find out

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Spotify: Why it's high time we all stopped being cheapskates and started paying for it

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Spotify have today announced a raft of major changes to their free-to-listen music streaming service that quite drastically cuts back the amount of tracks people will be able to listen to without signing up for a premium price plan. Free…

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PS3 Playstation Network to get premium subscription version?

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PSN, the Playstation 3's free online gaming and download platform, is rumoured to be getting an optional paid-for version in the near future. Speaking to CVG, Playstation Europe boss Andrew House has suggested that the service may be launching as…

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Review: RealPlayer SP

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Name: RealPlayer SP Type: Media managing/ web video downloading and converting software Price: ¬£24.99 (Free version also available) Once a leading light in media managing solutions, Real Networks began to build a bad reputation for themselves by bloating their…

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Spotify iPhone app update improves Facebook and Twitter sharing

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Hot on the heels of last month's major Spotify update comes an improved version of the streaming service for iPhone users. Taking it's cues from the revamped desktop application, Spotify Mobile for the iPhone now features a range of social…

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5 things iTunes must do to stay ahead of Spotify

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Since it launched nearly a decade ago, Apple's iTunes has become almost synonymous with digital music. A beautiful and intuitive user-interface coupled with the most thorough library of legal MP3 downloads available, it was the perfect accompaniment to the iPod…

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