Opinion: Has anyone NOT tried to sue Google over YouTube yet? Give it a rest!

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andy-merrett.jpgAndy Merrett writes…

Look, I’m not one to advocate law breaking, but there are more important online issues than copyright infringement on YouTube.

I had to laugh at some of the quotes from the latest ‘consortium’ of organisations and individuals hell-bent on suing Google for allowing their material to appear on the video sharing site.

Take the English Premier League, whose spokesman Dan Johnson stated of Google, “their callous and opportunistic business model is contrary to right, contrary to law, and must and will be stopped”.

OK… and the Premier League wouldn’t know anything about callous, opportunistic business models, would it? Pay per view footie, anyone? Pot, kettle…

As for Robert Tur – well I’ve already expressed my views on his ridiculous claim against the iPhone – now he’s going straight to the source, it seems.

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