Yahoo! bag Premiership football highlights online

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Yahoo! has announced that they have acquired the rights to show highlights from the English Premier League. With a contract that stretches up to 2013, web-surfing footy fans will be able to watch highlights from every single match as of…

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Opinion: Manchester United's move into mobile gaming is a winner

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ManUGame.jpgManchester United has signed a deal to produce six mobile phone games based on the megabucks club – and it’s got to be a good forward-thinking move for a side with such a wide-ranging reach.

Teaming up with an Indian firm called Jump Games, the £3 titles will be a mixture of puzzles and ball skill-style efforts with the first out in April as a brain-busting word quiz.

It’ll use phrases associated with Man U, presumably the likes of trophies, pizza and karate kicks, that players will have to find on grids. It sounds the right kind of thing for a portable game and the association with the Premier League champions is sure to see it sell well…

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Opinion: Bluetooth is not the colour when it comes to football technology

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Jon_smal.gifWe’ve all experienced it, walking or driving past a mysterious embedded Bluetooth advert somewhere that tries to download itself to your phone automatically because the BT is switched on, ready to receive on your handset.

Of course, you’ve got the option to decline it and unless you are very stupid, you will do so because that download could be anything, from a mobile-type virus to porn.

But now a firm called Bluepod Media is hoping to deluge us with adverts each time we step inside the football stadium of our favourite team…

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Opinion: Technology is making the beautiful game even more beautiful!

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Jon_small_new.jpgWe’re just 24 hours away from the start of the Premier League football season in England and the collective sigh of relief will surely reverberate around the UK at 12.45pm tomorrow when Sunderland kick off the new campaign against Spurs.

But things are changing for 07/08 and technology is beginning to form as great a partnership alongside football as Rooney/Tevez, Berbatov/Bent and Viduka/Owen.

A whole host of technology is about to come on stream to make football far more than heading to the pub with your mates at 3pm on a Saturday…

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