Instant photos are back with the Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue camera

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There's been lots of movement in Camp Polaroid this year, what with the appointment of Lady Gaga as creative director of the brand. Now we're finally seeing some new kit to go along with the Paparazzi popstar in the shape…

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CES 2010: Final Thoughts

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The Consumer Electronics show, the behemoth of tech, the Valhalla of gadgetry, has come and gone for yet another year. But this time, rather than arriving with a bang, it slinked into sight with something more like a whimper. CES…

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CES 2010: Day 2 Round-Up

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It may have gotten off to a dull start thanks to the lacklustre showing from Microsoft, but CES 2010 today threw up some really nice surprises. Keep an eye out for the Light Blue Optic's Light Touch here in today's…

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CES 2010: Lady Gaga new creative director for Polaroid!

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Insert your "Paparazzi" jokes here; Lady Gaga has been announced as the new creative director for Polaroid. No, seriously, this is for real. It may be little more than an intellectual property these days, but the defunct brand sure…

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Top five vintage tech gadgets that need reviving – Dansette, Psion Five, Squarial and more

Ashley Norris Gadgets, Mobile phones, Top Fives 3 Comments

This got the Tech Digest team thinking. What other great brands and products from the past are worth reviving? So here are five that we think ought to be given a second chance. We certainly aren't saying that you should ditch your Blu-ray for a Betamax, but given the right techy makeover these products could be very now.

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Polaroid is back – in an instant

shinychris Cameras 2 Comments

Summit Global, the exclusive licensee of Polaroid imaging has announced the return of one of the most iconic camera brands.

Polaroid will once again manufacture a range of classic instant film products like the Polaroid “600” instant film, and also bring back a range of instant cameras to use them with, including the easy to use ‘Polaroid One’.

Polaroid 600 film pack.jpg

As well as focusing on traditional analogue film, Polaroid will continue to develop its digital instant platforms, enhancing the revolutionary ZINK (zero-ink) technology used in the Polaroid POGO Instant Digital Printer. This allows users to print photos instantly from a mobile phone or digital camera.

One new product that is planned is the Polaroid “TWO”, the digital version of the traditional instant camera as well as the Polaroid “THREE”, an instant digital Camera that produces 4inch x 3inch instant digital photos.

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Hold onto your old Polaroid camera: film's coming back

Andy Merrett Gadgets 2 Comments


Forget signing a Facebook petition to bring back the Cadbury’s Wispa, which we all knew was a massive marketing stunt anyway. Make way for some real fans… those who loved the old Polaroid cameras so much that they decided to buy the factory and equipment with the aim of producing authentic film for the iconic cameras.

Though “The Impossible Project” — a group of Netherlanders — aims to “develop a new product with new characteristics, consisting of new optimised components, produced with a streamlined modern setup” the group will also be bringing back “analog INTEGRAL FILM for vintage Polaroid cameras” next year…

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