CES 2010: Final Thoughts

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The Consumer Electronics show, the behemoth of tech, the Valhalla of gadgetry, has come and gone for yet another year. But this time, rather than arriving with a bang, it slinked into sight with something more like a whimper. CES…

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CES 2010: Day 2 Round-Up

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It may have gotten off to a dull start thanks to the lacklustre showing from Microsoft, but CES 2010 today threw up some really nice surprises. Keep an eye out for the Light Blue Optic's Light Touch here in today's…

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Take a gamble on the 'Heads-Up Challenge' Poker table

Ryan Weir Gaming, Pub Guru, Toys 4 Comments

Alright lads, listen up, yeah? Next time you're dahn the boozer, check aht the poker machine what's ready to swallah all ya nuggets, yeah.. Cos, it's diamond, innit.

Right. Enough of talking like I'm in a film by Guy Ritchie. It hurts my head. What i'm trying to say is: If you happen to find yourself having a drink in your local public house, then you should probably look out for the new machine by CosmicVideo Games – the Heads-Up Challenge Poker table. That is, of course, if you like that sort of thing.

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Computer WINS BIG in poker tournament

Gary Cutlack Computers, Robots, Science, Software Leave a Comment


Poker-playing computer Polaris kicked the bottoms of several top poker players last week, raking in a profit of some $150,000 for its developers at the University of Alberta.

The human players, with frankly stupid names like Nick “stoxtrader” Grudzien, Matt “Hoss_TBF” Hawrilenko and IJay “doughnutz” Palansky, won two games, drew one and lost three to Polaris, which has…

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Ujogo launches Facebook poker game… with real prizes

Stuart Dredge Facebook Applications 3 Comments


Most Facebook games are for fun. Well, that and bragging rights against your mates, obviously. It’s still a bit unclear how (or indeed if) proper gambling will be a factor. Playing poker against your Facebook friends for real money is a tempting thought, but a worrying one too – especially for Facebook itself, given the US’ stringent anti online gambling policies.

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Less Brits gambling despite rise of online casinos

Stuart Dredge Internet

online-poker.gifA question for you: are more or less people in the UK gambling now than in 1999? Bear in mind that since then, the entire industry of online gambling has sprung up, mushroomed, and lured millions of us into its clammy embrace (so we’re told, anyway).

It’s more, right? Wrong. According to a new study by the Gambling Commission, 72% of Brits gambled in 1999, compared to 68% now. Bear in mind this includes stuff like scratch cards and the national lottery, as well as sports betting, slot machines and casinos.

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Shiny Video Interview: Mimi Rogers – ex-wife of Tom Cruise and poker player extrordinaire

Katherine Hannaford Gaming, Interviews, Video Reviews, Websites

Mimi Rogers was in town the other week promoting World Poker Tour and it’s recent launch online. She took time out to teach Susi how to play Texas Hold ‘Em, tell her about why women have the advantage over men in poker, and who was her favourite – Pacey or Dawson. Just what we always wanted to know…

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