WATCH: Fish Plays Pokemon

James O'Malley Gaming Leave a Comment

In recent days TwitchPlaysPokemon reached another milestone: the hive-mind of online players successfully finished Pokemon X for 3DS, meaning that collectively all of the major handheld titles have been beaten. So now the next logical thing is underway: seeing if a fish can do it too. "Fish Plays Pokemon" is exactly what it sounds like,…

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Smash Bros Wii U, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World shown off in Nintendo Direct E3 sicknote

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Not holding their own press conference at this year's E3, Nintendo used their now-familiar Nintendo Direct video showcase to tout their upcoming wares today instead. Among the the new Wii U titles revealed were Super Mario 3D World (a take…

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Why did Apple approve this money-guzzling Pokemon rip-off app?

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UPDATE: Super Monster Bros By Adventure Time Pocket Free now seems to have been removed from the App Store. But a quick search sees that a near-identical title called 'Adventure Games Super Monster Bros Plus' is still on sale….

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Why is the Nintendo 3DS being outsold by the DS?

Gerald Lynch Features, Gaming, Tech Digest news 10 Comments

It's the superior console with tens of millions worth of marketing and advertising being thrown at it, packing this year's must have feature; glasses free 3D visuals? So why then is the brand-spanking-new Nintendo 3DS being outsold by its…

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FIFA Superstars hits Facebook in time for the World Cup

Gerald Lynch Facebook, Gaming, Tech Digest news, World Cup 2010 5 Comments

If there's one thing that's probably pulling you away from your Farmville addiction at the moment, it's probably the World Cup tournament. Sure, sitting around watching virtual cabbages grow may be your idea of fun (as is watching paint dry…

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Guinness World Records 2010: Gamer's Edition – Review

Gerald Lynch Features, Gaming, Reviews, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

Name: Guinness World Records 2010: Gamer's Edition Type: Book Price: £9.71 (Amazon) Out: Now Guinness, the world's globally-recognised authority on mankind's record breaking achievements have released their Guinness World Records 2010: Gamer's Edition. It's the latest in what is now…

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DOUBLE WORLD RECORD: World's largest Pokemon collection AND world's most insane woman

Gary Cutlack Figurines, Gadgets, Gaming, Intellectual Property, Internet Leave a Comment


Here’s a lady who calls herself Pikabellechu. She claims to be the Pokemon Princess, although we’re not sure Nintendo’s lawyers would agree with that.

She says she’s in possession of over 8000 Pokemon toys, which she claims is a world record on the Guinness World Records site, although the record does not appear to have been ratified by a Guinness World Records official…

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Pocket Gamer pulls out '101 songs that should've been about Pokemon' list, astounds everyone

Katherine Hannaford Gaming Leave a Comment


When Stuart, our previous editor here at Tech Digest, moved on to Pocket Gamer, you may’ve noticed his colossal lists moved on too. Fans of Stuart’s lengthy posts will rejoice to hear he’s done the internet’s most amazing list ever on Pocket Gamer today – 101 Songs That Aren’t About Pokemon (But Should Be).

Favourites include Queen’s ‘It’s A Kind of Magikarp’, Radiohead’s ‘Fake Plastic Treeckos’, and House of Pain’s ‘Jumpluff Around’. I didn’t think he’d be able to get to 101 either, but there you go – proof that the music industry should take inspiration from Pikachu and friends…

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