O2 voted favourite British broadband provider

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A poll carried out by www.broadband-expert.co.uk has revealed O2 to be Britian's favourite broadband provider. Over 100,000 broadband users voted in the poll, with 6,676 giving O2 the highest average satisfaction rating of 77%. View the full list of results…

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Late night internet traffic in the UK skyrockets on election night

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Statistics just published by ISP Plusnet reveal that online TV viewing on the night of the American presidential election hit more than treble its usual levels. It’s the first US election to have been available to millions using the BBC’s iPlayer software.

Between 2 and 3am, Plusnet says that the viewing figures were double what they normally are, but by 5 to 6am, they were more than triple. There were also rises in the amount of TV streaming between 8am and 11am the following day, presumably as people watched back the victory and concession speeches.


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BBC iPlayer and YouTube popularity soars in past year

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Since the BBC’s iPlayer was launched last year, the popularity of web streaming has increased by 168%, according to web usage statistics from PlusNet’s 300,000 customers.

On Monday 30th June, between 9-10pm, 287GB of video content was watched, setting a new record for the company. Factors contributing to this may have included people catching up on other programmes following the Euro 2008 final…

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iPlayer streaming demand appears to be levelling off, according to one UK ISP

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The extraordinary demand for the BBC’s iPlayer service appears to be reaching a plateau, at least for now, if one ISP’s usage statistics are anything to go by.

PlusNet has been monitoring the effect of its customers streaming content from the BBC iPlayer, and has seen modest percentage rises in usage since March. February’s figures were up 25% over January, but March was around 6.6% higher than February, and April just 3.2% over March…

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PlusNet: "Consumers should be looking for ISPs who manage traffic"

Stuart Dredge Broadband, Interviews, Top stories 1 Comment

plusnet.jpgISP traffic management can be a controversial subject. On the one hand, it can mean your ISP ensuring your online gaming session or VoIP call go without a hitch. On the other, it could mean deliberately squashing your Skype call to try and get you to upgrade to the ISP’s own VoIP service. Like I said, controversial.

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