HANDS-ON: KidzPlay PlayStation 3 Wireless Adventure Game Pad – for kids!

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We're used to seeing unusual gaming controllers ship alongside big game launches and commercial tie-ins, but it's been a while since we've seen one put together solely aimed at kids. With the PlayStation 3 entering its twilight years, and Sony…

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REVIEW: Tales of Xillia (PS3)

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The PlayStation 3 bags another top-notch JRPG in its twilight years with Tales Of Xillia, a deep and rewarding adventure with a keen visual eye and kinetic combat system. But does its story do enough to keep you hooked for the entirety of its lengthy tale? Read our full review to find out!

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PlayStation 3 wireless headsets WILL work with PS4

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Sony's forthcoming PS4 console will support wireless headsets from the PlayStation 3 last-gen console, Sony have confirmed. Speaking to top gaming site Polygon at the San Diego Comic-Con, a Sony official confirmed that the company's wireless headsets will have no…

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Here's how to fix PS3 consoles bricked by 4.45 firmware update – 4.46 firmware to the rescue!

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Sony have just released firmware update 4.46 for their PlayStation 3 console, designed to repair PS3 machines bricked by the company's previous 4.45 firmware update. The previous update had caused some consoles to crash and fail to reboot, even after…

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Is The Last Of Us the most beautiful game of this console generation?

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We've truly been spoiled when it comes to game graphics this console generation. From the rolling tundras of Skyrim to the open plains of Red Dead Redemption, from Uncharted's lush jungles to the city-in-the-sky of Bioshock Infinite, we've been taken…

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REVIEW: The Last Of Us (PS3)

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Horror, stealth, action and cinematic storytelling combine in Naughty Dog's latest PS3 exclusive, The Last Of Us. A completely different beast compared to the development team's award-winning Uncharted series, can Joel and Ellie's long-awaited road-trip live up to the standard set by Nathan Drake's globe-trotting adventures? Read our full review to find out!

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LoveFilm Instant movie streaming PS3 update adds Watchlists, 720p shows and films

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LoveFilm have updated their PlayStation 3 LoveFilm Instant app, adding new features to the Sony console's version of the streaming service. Headlining new features include a much-needed new user interface, allowing for easier navigation and improved search and recommendation systems….

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