CES 2008: More Samsung HDTVs heading to UK

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The last thing we really need is another foot long list of HDTV specs so I’ll keep this brief. Most of Samsung’s latest HDTV range is heading to the UK. The main theme this year is 1080p – 2008 is being geared up to be the year of Full HD and Samsung is aiming to get reduce the price difference between 1080p and 720p sets down to just a £100 leap.

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CES 2008: Samsung HDTV Series 7 range heading to the UK

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samsung-lcd-ces.jpgSamsung, like most other TV manufacturers, has a ton of new TVs on show at CES. Normally though, these are primarily destined for the US leaving us to just wait and see whether we’ll ever actually get our hands on them. I’ve been round the Samsung booth and had a look through all the models that are definitely heading to the UK, and been given a few release dates.

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CES 2008: Toshiba announces bunch of new Plasma and LCD screens

Katherine Hannaford CES 2008 Leave a Comment

The first half of Toshiba’s conference may’ve been doom and gloom, but they managed to excite us once again with a full new line-up for Spring, with more LCDs and Plasmas than you can shake Warner’s CEO at.

Scott Ramirez, VP of marketing for the TV group, introduced five new Regza series, four new designs, three new…

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HDTVUK's Guide to the Ultimate High Definition Home Cinema Experience – Part One: High Definition TV

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Our friends over at HDTV UK are doing a series to help you create the Ultimate High Definition Home Cinema Experience (er, in case the title of this post didn't give that away). The first part looks at the best way to start your HD experience – buying your first HDTV.

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LG rolls out world's smallest Plasma TV, the 32PC5RV *tumbleweed*

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LG-32PC5RV.jpgYou can tell it’s the world’s smallest Plasma telly, that was the largest photo of it we could find on the intertubes – actual life-size dimensions. FACT.

Ok, that’s as factual as Chuck Norris facts, but you get the drift. The 32PC5RV measures 32-inches, as you’d guess from the model name, and of all the places in the world to launch a new TV, they…

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Pioneer unveils KURO plasma TVs promising deeper black levels than ever before

Stuart Dredge HDTV 1 Comment


Pioneer has taken the wrappers off its new KURO plasma TV range, with a promise that the tellies will display 80% deeper black levels than their rivals (and so provide richer colours and sharper details).

The first two KURO TVs are 50 and 60 inches respectively, and will both be HD-ready 1080p models. What’s that? You want a suitably artsy quote? How about this: “In the art world, a plain white canvas represents a blank slate waiting for an artist to create,” says Pioneer’s Heidi Johnson-Cash. “In the world of television, a black screen is a similarly blank canvas ready for content to be displayed.”

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