Pioneer's two limited edition 50" KURO plasmas – yours in "Pure White" and "Beige Grisé"

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Pure White and Beige Grise are the exciting names of two new colours Pioneer has invented to jazz up its KURO range of HD Ready plasmas a little. Pioneer’s home business product manager Jim Catcheside offered us the following explanation about why white and beige TVs are best…

“With these Limited Edition KURO TVs we want to offer our customers the opportunity to customise their viewing environment even further by harmonising their TV with their interior design. The minimalist White and luxurious Beige Grisé KUROs are an excellent means to express one’s individual taste and style.”

The KRP-500AW and KRP-500ABG both use Pioneer’s media receiver technology…

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Panasonic launches first web-enabled VIERA plasma HDTVs

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panasonic viera internet link hdtv

Panasonic has announced the US launch of its first web-enabled VIERA plasma high definition TVs, the PZ850 series, utilising their VIERA CAST system offering access to a range of online services including YouTube, Google’s Picasa web album, and Bloomberg.

Yes, you’ve seen them before, as they were shown off at CES back in January, but now they’ve hit the store shelves of America…

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Inevitable newsflash: Pioneer announces end of production of Plasma panels

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Pioneer has gone and announced exactly what everyone’s been expecting for the last month or more – that production of their Plasma screens will be ceased, with third-party (likely Matsushita) panels being rebranded for their Kuro range.

According to a news release from Pioneer this morning, “we have judged that maintaining the cost competitiveness of plasma display panels at projected sales volumes will be difficult going forward. Accordingly, we have decided to terminate in-house plasma display panel production and to procure these panels externally, after panel production for our next series of models is complete.”

To reduce the amount of job losses…

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Pioneer to stop making sub-42-inch plasma panels, as its TV business suffers

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pioneer-pdp607.jpgJapanese newspaper Asahi has reported that Pioneer will stop the production of 42-inch and smaller plasma panels as early as March next year, and instead buy those panels from Matsushita or Hitachi.

Pioneer’s plasma TV sales targets for this year, ending 31st March, are a mere 10 per cent of Matsushita’s (who use the Panasonic brand), at just 480,000 units compared to five million.

Pioneer will continue to manufacture its own plasma panels sized over 50 inches, while the company looks to sell the Kagoshima plant back to NEC. Pioneer already buys the panels for its LCD TVs from Sharp.

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