Google says its anti-piracy algorithm will now visibly affect file-sharing sites’ rankings

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Google is tweaking its search engine to make sure that the most "notorious" piracy sites are less likely to appear when people search for music, films and other copyrighted content. The changes were revealed in a blogpost by Katherine Oyama, the company's senior copyright policy counsel, and they include new ad formats that are designed…

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Police arrest man for running proxy servers

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City of London anti-piracy police have arrested a man in Nottingham for running a proxy server. The 20-year-old from Nottingham is believed to have been running a proxy server that connected to addresses banned by service providers in the UK. Acccording to reports, the man was questioned and then released on bail. The arrest was…

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Anti-piracy campaign set to kick off in UK

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In an effort to fight digital piracy, the movie and music industries have announced a deal with the UK’s leading ISPs to send warning emails to alleged copyright infringers. Called the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme, the campaign will focus on alerting people to the fact that their activities infringe copyright. Starting next year, up to…

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Ed Sheeran is UK's most pirated artist, Drake tops US list

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A new study into music piracy patterns has revealed singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran as the UK's most pirated artist. We thought the UK had more refined musical taste! The new research, published by Musicmetric, also reveals Drake as the most pirated…

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O2 forced to give 9,000 porn pirates' details to smut baron

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Over 9,000 O2 broadband customers caught illegally downloading pornography will have their personal details handed over to a major porn baron pressing for a settlement payout, it has been revealed today. Ben Dover, the pseudonym for British porn actor,…

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