T-Mobile adds Bebo to mobile social network service, My Social Sites

Daniel Sung Mobile phones, Web 2.0 1 Comment


T-Mobile has announced the addition of Bebo to their mobile social-networking service My Social Sites.

The service allows users to check their messages and post comments and images through a mobile application that amalgamates a number of the sites and charges you 5p each time you upload…

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Piczo launches Piczo Zone to give users even more artistic license

Katherine Hannaford Web 2.0 Leave a Comment

piczo-zone.jpgPiczo’s always been praised for allowing the creative juices to flow in teenagers, with users able to fully customise their profiles with colours, glitter and all manners of appealing-to-teens pixels. With the launch of Piczo Zone, however, the kids can really turn themselves into 21st-century Van Goghs.

This new feature allows users of the social networking site to share their content which they’ve created across various sites. The creative content designed by the young users can be found by searching the various…

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Social networking site Piczo and Penguin want teens to design classic novels' covers

Katherine Hannaford Web 2.0

Piczo, the social networking site I mentioned the other week who are relying on teens to help big brands in their marketing campaigns, certainly are busy people. They’ve just made an alliance with book publishers Penguin, called the My Penguin Campaign, to help increase teens’ interest in literature…

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Piczo asks for teens' help with Piczo Insiders

Katherine Hannaford Web 2.0

piczo.jpg Fed up with Facebook? Miffed with Myspace? Bored of Bebo? Yep, join the club. If I get poked by one more unattractive man on the former, I may just be forced to delete my account. Attractive men, on the other hand…

Good news for British teens though, as Piczo, a social networking rival which is slowly but surely storming through the intertubes with 8 million monthly users in Europe alone, has just unleashed Piczo Inspires. This “teen insight and influencer group” enables old fuddy-duddy marketers, researchers and academics to find out just what makes teens tick, and whether they really like that Umbrella song by Rihanna. Probably…

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Why Comic Relief is showing the more charitable side of Web 2.0

Stuart Dredge Columns & Opinion, Web 2.0

rednoseday-piczo.jpgIt can feel like the world of Web 2.0 is all about numbers sometimes. MySpace has 160 million members, and is getting paid $900 million by Google for the rights to sell advertising on it. YouTube attracted 133.5 million visitors in January, but is getting sued for $1 billion by Viacom for alleged copyright infringement. There are 262,958 pet pooches on Dogster.

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