Shiny Video Review: Polaroid Click Free Media Backup – Photo Edition

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Have friends who take a lot of photos and want to make backups but are a bit nervous of the whole drag and drop nature of most backup drives? Or they’re worried that they’ll forget to include something important? Well, this is the low-to-no intervention solution. It’s available exclusively at Boots the Chemist, for £89…

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Lookit, lookit! Pictures of new mazes for Pac-Man World Championship on Xbox 360 Live

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We wouldn’t normally devote so much time and energy (ok, minutes that could be best used reading about Larry David splitting with his wife, and googling whether he likes brunette technology bloggers or not) to writing about the Pac-Man World Championship game which became available on Xbox 360’s Live Arcade this morn, but frankly…

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iStockphoto and AMUSE partner to give UK mobile users personalised wallpaper

Andy Merrett Mobile phones Leave a Comment

iStockphoto, which is the world's most visited stock imagery and video site, has partnered with AMUSE Entertainment Group, to allow a selection of its stock photography to be used by mobile phone users. A pilot phase is being launched in…

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