Energy-efficient lightbulbs causing TV channel change chaos … sort of

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Got a TV that's been acting a little erratically recently? Try checking any nearby energy-efficient lightbulbs, as some are reporting that they are causing their TVs to change channel and switch themselves off seemingly at random. Take the case of…

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Philips launch sleek new HDT8520 HD PVR and DTR5520 HD receiver set-top boxes

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Philips have timed the launch of their new HDT8520 HD PVR and DTR5520 HD receiver set-top boxes to perfection. Packing in Freeview+ HD receivers as the high-def channel list continues to grow and just in time for the World Cup,…

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Philips unveil the BDP7500 Blu-ray player

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Philips are set to launch their brand new Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player, the BDP7500 For just £249, Philips have been pretty generous with the amount of high-end features they are packing in. Featuring 1080p 24fps Full HD images, with support…

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Philips uWand spells out future for remotes

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Demonstrated at IBC recently was Philips’ wonderfully named uWand. Unfortunately nothing to do with Harry Potter, it apparently enables you to sit on a sofa and interact with screen menus and objects as if you are actually touching them.


The uWand 3D pointer features a small infrared camera embedded in the handheld device which gives uWand ‘remote touch’ capabilities so you can navigate on-screen applications by pointing, clicking and using fluid 3D gestures.

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Philips Cinema 21:9 TV out for £4,500 – full specs and availability

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We knew it was coming in June but now we now exactly when you can fork out for the Philips Cinema 21:9 TV. 18th June is the date to jam in your diaries and you’d better put in some serious overtime because you’ll need a rather icy cool £4,500 to get one in the UK. The good news is that we do have the full details on the dream machine so you can at least drool if not afford.

It runs a full 2560x1080p HD resolution making for a grand total of 8.3 million pixels, each controlled by the Philips Perfect Pixel HD engine. It offers a 200Hz frame rate – as well it should – response times of just under 1ms and a contrast ratio of 80,000:1. Oh, and before we have a bunch of nay-sayers jumping in, there’s some smart tech to resize your 16:9 pictures without significantly distorting the images or leaving black bars all over the place.

The 17bit colour processing makes 2250 trillion different shades – prove them wrong if you’ve got a year or two spare – and the old faithful Philips Ambilight Spectra 3 system will chuck out the appropriate hues against the wall, by which it sits, for a more dynamic experience.

There’s five HDMI ports to play with as well as USB connectivity and it’ll play back ACC, MP3, AC3, LPCM, WMA, JPEG, GIF, PNG, MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4 which is everything you’d hope for with only a few exceptions in the shape of FLAC and DivX. Best, though, it’s fully webbed up with Philips’ NetTV system which will allow full internet browsing as well as all your widgetry.

Soundwise, there’s an integrated 15W system of two backward facing subwoofers and a set of face-on high-enders but I’d be amazed if anyone who shells out four and half big ones is going to stop short of a full AV set up.

If you buy sooner rather than later, Philips will throw in a swivel stand and “smart level” bracket trinket but, if you’re seriously after one of these things, I’d wait. Wait because this is just the kind of kit that you’ll see for considerably less once the fuss dies down – particularly as the first quote we had was 4,000€. I know the pound has been bad, but not that bad.


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Crunch Watch: Philips announces 6,000 job cut

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Philips is the latest casualty in ongoing global meltdown or their employees are, more specifically, as the European tech giant announced 6,000 redundancies today.

The cuts come after the Dutch company released figures of their first quarterly loss in six years seeing profits sink to €1.47 billion in the red. That sounds like the kind of sum that could end all things Royal Philips Electronics but then given that this time last year they made about the same amount…

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Philips develops iPill – an 'intelligent' pill. Because normal pills are Thicky McThick

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Philips, ever the purveyor of useful biotechnology, has developed an intelligent pill. The device contains a chip, a battery, a wireless radio, a pump and a drug reservoir. The device is still only a prototype, but it’ll be presented at a conference in Atlanta later this month and Philips say it’s already suitable for serial manufacturing.

It’s also got a thermometer and acidity sensor, thought to be a minituarised human with some litmus paper. The idea is that it waits until it’s in exactly the right part of your gut before it releases its life-giving load and makes your tummy feel all better. It means that much lower doses of powerful drugs can be used.

Philips (via Reuters)

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Philips working on microbubble technology for more targeted cancer treatment

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Philips is currently researching into a less invasive procedure for treating patients with cancer and other conditions, using drug-loaded microbubbles.

These bubbles are about the same size as red blood cells, and can be injected into a patient’s bloodstream and then tracked via ultrasound imaging.

Drugs would only be released once they reached the required place – a tumour growth, for example. Not only might this increase the effectiveness of the drug, but cut down on unpleasant side-effects…

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