Wii U gets an update, but major performance boost wont come till Autumn

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Nintendo has released a small software update for their struggling Wii U console. The newest firmware update will allow the console to download SpotPass data and other software updates while in standby mode, as well as some minor bug fixes,…

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Samsung cranks out 32GB DDR3 RAM sticks

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Samsung has managed to cram 32GB of memory onto a single RAM stick, by developing a 4Gb RAM chip (4Gb = 512MB). The 32GB capacity is possible by shoehorning two 16GB modules onto one unit. Of course the real effect will probably be an increase in the availability of 16GB RAM sticks, which are much easier and cheaper to create.

Considering most people still run 32-bit operating systems, which can cope with a maximum of 3.8GB of RAM, this development is one to file under ‘wait a few years’, especially as most people will likely plump for 32-bit Windows 7 for compatibility reasons. Despite the scientific progress, the market is still stuck in the 2GB – 4GB range that it has been for a couple of years.

(via Gizmodo)

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Another iPhone lawsuit: Apple knowingly selling cracked handsets?

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Every so often someone decides to file a lawsuit against Apple because — well, because it’s Apple, it seems.

While normal people buying products from other manufacturers — heck, even normal people buying Apple gear — would simply check out a piece of kit before buying it, or at least return it for a replacement if damaged, it seems this isn’t good enough for one New York resident.

We’ll leave aside the “defective 3G” and “not twice as fast” parts of this lawsuit (yes, it comes in multiple parts, folks) because we’ve already been there and got the T-shirt. Instead, let’s look at the accusation that Apple knowingly and wantonly shipped defective iPhones with hairline cracks in the casing…

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Virtual Orchestra – 64 musicians replaced by 64 speakers

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“Autumn Fantasy 2008″ sounds like a porn film, but in actual fact, it’s the name of a concert that’ll be taking place between Oct 11th and 21st in Kanagawa Science Park in Kawasaki, Japan. The system uses 64 speakers to replace the 64 musicians in an orchestra, and each speaker plays just one instrument…

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Apple and AT&T sued for selling too many iPhones

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A lawsuit in San Diego, filed last week, is accusing Apple and AT&T of overselling iPhones. It’s being alleged that the companies promised fast 3G speeds, knowing that the thousands of customers would slow down the network to a crawl. The lawsuit also accuses the two companies of misleading customers over the speed of EDGE on the first iPhone…

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YouTube Video of the Day – Britney Spears' MTV VMA comeback doesn't go to plan

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YouTube isnt just great for cool stuff. It’s also great to see videos of people falling apart. The latest celeb to find their mind-a-wanderin’ is poor ol’ Britney Spears who, after her comeback performance at the MTV VMAs, has found herself named ‘the worst performance in history’. Terrible lip-synching, dazed bumbling around stage, vacant expression. It’s a classic!

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NAMM 2007: M-Audio Torq Xponent advanced DJ performance and production system

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M-Audio showed off their Torq Xponent Advanced DJ Performance/Production System at NAMM 2007. It's an integrated hardware and software DJ performance system. It allows you to cue, beat-match and mix digital audio files using full-size, professional-grade controllers. All hardware…

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