RUMOUR: Slim PS3 to ship this month?

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Taiwanese website UDN is reporting that Sony has signed deals with two manufacturers – Foxconn and Pentagon – with a view to a July release for the slim-line version of the PS3. That’s not July 2010, it’s July 2009 – as in this very month.

The report has been backed up by “a couple of credible reports” according to Engadget. However, UDN is also reporting that the slim will be the last of PS3 of this generation with a next-generation console based on Sony’s motion controller due in 2010.

This part of UDN’s report isn’t very likely though – it’s possible the rumour mill has been fuelled by some mistranslation. Sony demonstrated the motion controller at E3 on the PS3 and has made it clear the new controller is for the PS3.

If the slim rumours turn out to be true though and the rumours regarding possible PS3 price-cuts also come to fruition then the PS3 might finally become the popular console it is capable of being.

(via Engadget)

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Pentagon bans Google from making detailed maps of its territory

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The Pentagon has closed the door to Google mapmakers, after a Google employee mistakenly entered a Texas army base and began filming and studying it, for inclusion on Google Maps.

Larry Yu from Google said that it was not the company’s policy to enter military bases, and that the detailed study had been a mistake. In any case, permission had been granted for access, but as soon as Google learnt of the mistake, they removed the offending imagery.

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