Pebble launches new colours and tries to be trendy

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Smartwatch maker Pebble has announced its eponymous smartwatch is now available in three new colours: Lime green, light blue and a pinkish colour... or "Fresh", "Hot" and "Fly" to use the depressing official names. The new watches appear functionally identical to the existing Pebble line - the selling point being that the colours are brighter…

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Plastic Logic Smart Watch concept preview: A glimpse at the flexible displays that could power the Apple iWatch

Gerald Lynch Concept, Concepts, Features, Previews, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

After stealing the show at CES 2013 with their flexible e-paper concepts, Plastic Logic have really captured the zeitgeist with their latest prototype, a smartwatch using a flexible colour e-paper display. Could this be what to expect from Samsung's upcoming…

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