HANDS-ON: Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook preview

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The Ultrabook revolution is in full swing now, but with the arrival of Windows 8 just over the horizon, the evolution of the laptop is taking yet another turn. This time it's the implementation of touchscreen controls, seen in almost…

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Gallery – Hands on with touchscreen All-in-One PCs from Dell, HP, Sony and Packard Bell

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Tech Digest got to have a play around with the latest touchscreen PCs available from PC World today. We've got all the specs and pics you need on the range, including the Dell Inspiron 19 CDC, Packard Bell's onetwo 8020,…

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PC World launch new range of touchscreen All-in-One PCs featuring Sony, HP, Dell and Packard Bell

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PC world have launched an extensive range of touchscreen All-in-One PCs, featuring gear from Sony, HP, Dell and Packard Bell. Top of the pile is the Sony Vaio L11S1E/S All-in-One PC (pictured). Featuring a 25 inch multi-touch touchscreen, the Sony…

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Virgin launch gadget help service

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It can be mighty frustrating, settling down for a marathon internet-trawling session only to be bombarded with error messages to let you know that, as ever, your Wi-Fi connection has gone up the creek. The ever-industrious Richard Branson and his…

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UK Government donates a thousand old PCs to charity

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Fancy a bit of a feel-good story for Friday afternoon? The UK Government’s Department for International Development has decided to ship a thousand laptops that it doesn’t use any more to Africa. It’s all being done through charity Computer Aid, who we’ve covered before.

The laptops, previously in use by civil servants, aren’t OLPCs or any other low-cost, low-spec machines – they’re proper full-on laptops. They’re going to organizations like the Prof. Iya Abubakar Community Resource Center in Nigeria, which helps local people start their own businesses.

Rumours that each laptop is chock-full of confidential documents and databases are so far unsubstantiated.

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Dell E(ee PC) specs and price leaked

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Uninspired as Dell’s laptop naming system seems to be, we’re getting mighty confused about what Dell’s upcoming Eee PC knock off is actually called. First it was rumoured to be the Mini-Inspiron, then we heard it was going for a more direct parody of the Asus’ wunder-top, the Dell E. Now, apparently, it’s back to being called the Mini-Inspiron. You keeping up?

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NVIDIA slyly reveals the new 9600 GSO: low end graphics card for the masses

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NVIDIA normally likes to make a big fan fare of its new graphics card announcements, using words like ‘ultimate visual computing experience’ and ‘visual computing revolution’. But this rousing lingo is reserved for its top end models; the ones designed for people who build PCs costing nearly as much a small family hatchback.

The poor old 9600 GSO gets no such honour; NVIDIA just made do by dumping the details on its website and pretending like it had no idea how it all got there. In spite of that though, this could be a pretty important card for the PC gaming market…

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