Give yourself the best chance in Street Fighter IV with an XCM Dominator Joystick for PS3

Gary Cutlack Gaming Leave a Comment


If you’ve been trying for 10 years but STILL can’t get your head around the idea of playing Street Fighter using a controller that only has four face buttons, here’s what you need – the XCM Dominator Joystick.

Created in an arcade-friendly, eight-on-the-top layout for maximum Street Fighter compatibility, the stick’s perfect for anyone whose software collection consists almost entirely of games manufactured by Capcom and SNK between the years 1992 and 1998…

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Beat The Man – make your own rumbling SIXAXIS controller before Sony launches DualShock3 here

Gary Cutlack Gaming 1 Comment

sixaxis-rumble-adaptor-wireless-grip.jpgYou know the story – Sony got sued by Immersion Technology over the rumble technology it used in its PS2 controllers.

So Sony hurriedly copied Nintendo’s Wii motion controls when PS3 time came around, thinking it might give them an easy way out of having to come to some sort of compromise with Immersion. But no one liked the SIXAXIS, even though Sony shovelled loads of awkward motion control sections into its PS3 games in order to make SIXAIS look like a good idea…

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Hey lecher, lay your wrist between a pair of boobies at work with these mouse-pads

Katherine Hannaford Mice 1 Comment

A silly one to start the day off with, I can imagine these mouse-pads which have real silicone implants attached to the jubblie or bum bits would go down a treat for a gag-gift for a workmate. Probably in Zoo, Nuts, or Loaded magazine’s offices. Certainly not in our Shiny Towers, where most of us are women and most of my colleagues…

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