10 Great Image and Photo Editing Apps for Mac OS X

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Apple Mac computers (be they iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air) have been the go-to machines for creatives for many a year now, with an intuitive interface conducive to getting imaginative work done quickly and effectively. When it comes to…

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13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display landing in October?

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We were all wowed at WWDC by Apple's latest MacBook Pro with Retina Display computer. Powerful, beautiful and jam packed with top-of-the-line specs, it's a laptop worth lusting over. And lusting over it is pretty much all many of us…

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There are new Mac Pros too, lest we forget…

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So, they may not come equipped with a Retina Display, nor will they fit comfortably in a rucksack. Or a small car boot for that matter. But Apple's Mac Pros are still a desktop force to be reckoned with, and…

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MacBook Pro with Retina Display: 5 reasons it really IS Apple' best computer ever

Gerald Lynch Apple, Computers, Laptops / Notebooks, Round ups, Tech Digest news 9 Comments

Apple are calling it "the most beautiful computer we've ever made", and "a whole new vision for the notebook." And for once, it's hard to argue with Apple's PR bluster; the new, next generation MacBook Pro with Retina Display is…

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Apple MacBook Air gets 2012 update: 512GB of Flash storage now available

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While all eyes will undoubtedly be on Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro as the computing weapon of choice for Apple fanboys for at least the next couple of months, there were also updates to the MacBook Air line too. Both 11…

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Next generation MacBook Pro revealed at WWDC 2012: Retina Display, super-thin chassis

Gerald Lynch Apple, Features, Laptops / Notebooks, Tech Digest news 11 Comments

After a long old wait, Apple have finally revealed the next-generation of their MacBook Pro line. And for once, the Cupertino company seem to have made good on every rumour that's made the rounds on the web these past…

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