Android 5.0 Jelly Bean to take on Windows 8 from this summer?

Gerald Lynch Android, Google, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

A new report suggests that Google are preparing to launch the latest version of their Android mobile operating system this summer, in preparation for a full frontal attack from Microsoft's Windows 8 desktop and mobile OS duo. Android version 5.0,…

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Parallels Desktop 7 unleashing the power in Apple

Greg Collins Apple, Computers, iPhone, OS X Lion, Software, Tech Digest news, Windows 7, Windows 8 Leave a Comment

We all know that Apple produce some of the most powerful laptops and desktops that need no configuration at all. The build quality of the computers is second to none, im actually writing this on a four year old…

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Microsoft boast of 400 million Windows 7 sales, not so good WP7 numbers

Gerald Lynch Microsoft, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news, Windows 7 2 Comments

Microsoft's annual Worldwide Partner Conference kicks off in Los Angeles today, and keynote-leading CEO Steve Ballmer was both his usual bullish self but also surprisngly frank when it came to discussing his firm's smartphone performance. The success of Windows…

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