Do you want to surf the web on your smartwatch?

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Mobile web browser Opera Mini is coming to the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch... for... some... reason? According to TheNextWeb, the browser will soon be available on Samsung's watch, which is fairly unique amongst smartwatches for not requiring a tethered phone to run: A SIM card goes into the watch, and you can carry out phone…

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Opera Mini iPhone browser app downloaded over 1 million times on its launch day

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After months of battling Apple to get the app onto the iPhone, the Opera Mini browser launched on the App Store on March 23rd. And what a launch it proved to be, with figures showing it was downloaded 1,023,380 times…

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Opera Mini 5 mobile browser gets Android beta release

Gerald Lynch Internet, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

The Opera Mini 5 mobile browser has just been given a beta release for Android phones. Free, fast and efficient, other versions of the browser have already racked up over 50 million users worldwide. Opera Mini speeds up the browsing…

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Browser choice ballot rolls out to Windows Internet Explorer users

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Following an EU mandate regarding Microsoft's web browser monopoly with thier Internet Explorer software, a new Windows update today will offer users a host of alternative web browser options. European Windows XP, Vista and 7 users will be presented with…

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Opera Mini for iPhone to be unveiled at MWC 2010

Gerald Lynch Apple, iPhone, iPhone apps 2 Comments

Apple haven't historically been too keen on introducing browsers to rival Safari onto the App store. However, Opera are so confident that their Opera Mini browser will pass Apple's vigorous application process that they plan to showcase it at this…

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Security fix on its way to Internet Explorer

Gerald Lynch Computer Security, Internet, Tech Digest news 3 Comments

Microsoft are about to roll out a security update that should see users of Internet Explorer 6 protected from the attacks that have caused the French and German governments to condemn the browser. The vulnerability highlighted by the recent phishing…

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Google updates Chrome – faster, more stable and now with form autofill too

Daniel Sung Software 1 Comment

I may not be enamoured by gmail but I’m a sucker for Google Chrome. I admit it. So, it brings me great pleasure that the G-Lords have just updated their browser by making it 30% faster at loading Java-heavy pages and added a couple of features too.

The new version of Google’s WebKit, on which the sofware’s based, and the V8 Java engine are to thank for a lot of the improvement but, if it’s tweaks you’re after, then you’ll be pleased to hear they’ve added the auto form-fill and a degree of discretion by allowing you to delete thumbnails from the “most viewed pages” section. What you browse when you’re not reading Tech Digest will, of course, go no further.

If you haven’t tried Chrome, I’d recommend giving it a blast. If you’re using Firefox, I’m not going to argue. I’d risk the wrath of a certain Mr Rawlins if I didn’t give a shout out to Opera and, if you’re using IE, please stop.

(via Google Blog)

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