PREVIEW: SimCity – Reticulating splines for a new generation

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The power's out, the sewerage system is backed up and my city burns. Pretty much the same first hour experienced from every SimCity game then. But this year's SimCity reboot is anything but the same as what has gone before….

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Pogoplug offering 100GB of cloud storage to UK users for just £19.99 a year

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Remember Pogoplug, the company who built pink personal "cloud engines" that offered networked storage inside your house, accessible from anywhere around the world? Stateside, Pogoplug have been building a more familiar cloud storage solution, and they've now announced that they're…

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Zuckerberg: No to a Facebook phone, YES to a Facebook search engine

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had laid to rest rumours that his social network will be developing their own-branded smartphone, stating that "the phone just doesn't make any sense." Speaking at a TechCrunch Disrupt "fireside chat", Zuckerberg instead stressed that his…

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Onkyo reveal Spotify-streaming CR-N755 Mini Hi-Fi receiver

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Onkyo have just revealed the CR-N755 Mini Hi-Fi receiver, which niftily offers networked music streaming, including Spotify playback, among its list of features. Once configured alongside a user's home network, the CR-N755 can access Spotify playlists,, AUPEO!, and vTuner…

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