Skype now available on Nokia's Ovi Store

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Nokia and Skype have joined forces today to announce the release of Skype for Symbian phones. The app is available now from the Ovi Store for free, allowing users with a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to call other Skype users…

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Buddhist mobile phone: The Nokia N95 of enlightenment

Daniel Sung Mobile phones 3 Comments

Buddhist_Nokia_N95 1.jpg

As religions go, Buddhism is right up there for me; tenets of inner peace, peace within the community and reincarnation – beautiful stuff.

For my money, though, they seemed to run out of ideas, or certainly taste, when they got down to iconography, as clearly demonstrated by this Buddhist edition Nokia N95…

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MWC 2008: Nokia N96 versus Nokia N95

Andy Merrett Mobile phones, Mobile World Congress 2008 58 Comments


With Nokia finally announcing the N96, it’s time to take a look at what new features they’ve added since the N95.


Boring but necessary are dimensions. The N96 isn’t going to take up much more room in your pocket than the N95 — it’s marginally bigger and slightly heavier, but we’ll forgive that for the extra features.


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Top 5 Gadget Sparklers for Bonfire Night

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Remember, remember the 5th of the November – that's how the saying goes. Now Guy Fawkes, there was a man who knew a thing or too about making a statement. If only he'd have done it with his gadgets though and shown off his status with some bling, rather than trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

So, as it's Firework Night today, what better way to mark it than with five top sparklers from the techno-world. Unfortunately, not all of them can be waved around in the air and they don't make pretty colours in the smoke, but with gold and crystals on them, each one definitely costs more than a penny for the guy…

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SlingPlayer Mobile software now available in UK for selected Nokias running S60

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Following Sling Media's announcement of UK availability of SlingBox PRO and SOLO boxes, they've also announced that selected Nokia N and E Series mobile phones running the S60 3rd edition Symbian OS can now use SlingPlayer Mobile software in the…

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