30 years of Nintendo: 268M consoles, 385M handhelds, 4.1 BILLION games sold

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Though Nintendo's Wii U may be struggling, with the latest financial quarter seeing the company sell just 160,000 of the next-gen machines, a look back at the company's 30 years in the home videogame industry shows a mind-boggling number of…

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Why is the Nintendo 3DS being outsold by the DS?

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It's the superior console with tens of millions worth of marketing and advertising being thrown at it, packing this year's must have feature; glasses free 3D visuals? So why then is the brand-spanking-new Nintendo 3DS being outsold by its…

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Poll: Should Nintendo DS R4 "homebrew" cards be illegal?

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High-fives all around at Nintendo HQ today, as the High Court has ruled that importing, advertising or selling R4 cartridges in the UK is now illegal. R4 cards can be used to download and play illegally ripped versions of Nintendo…

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Orbitsound launch range of "spatial" stereo audio gear

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British audio manufacturers Orbitsound launched a host of new gear last night, ranging from portable speakers to soundbars. Each incorporates the unique Orbitsound technology, which many are hailing as a game changer for the audio industry. The Orbitsound gear has…

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Review – Infinit Solar Charger Bag

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Name: Infinit Solar Charger Bag Type: Backback with solar-powered gadget charging technology Price: £89.99 (Infinit) As the Summer sun slowly begins to peek through the ever-present layer of British cloud-cover, you're probably looking to head on out, tastelessly displaying…

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