Q&A: Edward Saatchi on NationalField, Obama and the democratisation of the workplace

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Edward Saatchi, son of millionaire advertising mogul Maurice Saatchi, is being billed as the UK's answer to Mark Zuckerberg. His private, enterprise focussed social network NationalField is credited as a key tool in President Obama's successful election campaign, and,…

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Video games blamed for rise in rickets

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Gaming is coming under fire once again. But before you brace yourself for the usual arguments concerning in-game violence and sexual content, be prepared for something of a Dickensian twist. For gaming is not being blamed here for a rise…

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UK government sets non-personal data free to app developers

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After months of planning, the UK government have today launched their Data.gov.uk website, making reams of non-personal information available to developers in order to help create apps. 3,000 data sets have been made available, ranging from broad topics such as…

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