Xbox One controller, headset and Play and Charge Kit priced

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Microsoft have revealed the official pricing for the Xbox One next-gen console's controller, as well as a number of its other accessories. When sold separately from the console, the Xbox One gamepad will set back US gamers $59.99, or roughly…

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New pictures of rumoured next-generation iPhone 5 screen shielding leaked

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New images of the rumored next-generation iPhone design appeared online earlier today. The pictures which came from icolourOS gives us a very detailed look into what the new iPhone could look like. The picture shows internal sensors and external…

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Apple iPad 2: Orange and T-Mobile (Everything Everywhere) to sell it, O2 won't…for now

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The T-Mobile and Orange networks, now combined under the Everything Everywhere banner, have confirmed that they will be among the first UK carriers of the iPad 2. Launching in the States on March 11th, 26 more countries, including the UK,…

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10 bands and artists who use Garageband, and will probably use the iPad 2 app too

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Alongside the iPad 2 launch last night, Apple also revealed a handful of new apps ready to be downloaded alongside the new slate. We've written an in-depth guide to the new Garageband app, which you can read by clicking…

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