Hacking the hackers: LulzSec strike at News International

Gerald Lynch Computer Security, Features, Media, Tech Digest news 3 Comments

LulzSec, the computer hacking collective thought to have disbanded after hitting a string of high profile targets including Sony, have returned to strike at News International in protest towards the recent phone hacking scandal. Targetting The Sun newspaper's website, the…

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Sky News HD to broadcast from Election night

Gerald Lynch HDTV, Satellite TV, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

Sky News will be launching a HD channel to mark 2010's Election night broadcasts. Sky News HD will be a simulcast broadcast of the content from the standard definition Sky News channel, and will launch on Thursday 6th May at…

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Will you ditch Google for Bing to get the news?

Ashley Norris Google, Media, Microsoft 3 Comments

In theory it sounds like a winner. Microsoft, in Bing News, becomes the number one place for users to search for news, while media organisations get money from Microsoft for cataloguing their stories.

However before messrs Murdoch and Bullmer get carried away there are few things worth bearing in mind

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Microsoft reaching out to FT and other publishers in bid to beat Google

Ashley Norris Media Leave a Comment

So Microsoft has approached the FT then. The interesting part is which other companies Microsoft has approached. Even if it knows the FT isn't saying.

The move comes off the back of Rupert Murdoch's plans for Google to deindex all News International's online content. The agreement with Microsoft could mean that for the first time a search engine company has paid to index news stories.

For Microsoft it could give the company a much needed unique feature for its Bing search engine in that it could become a hub for news. The key for the company though is whether other publishers will follow News International.

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