HANDS-ON: GarageBand for new iPad gets orchestral strings and Jam Session features

Gerald Lynch Apple, iPad, iPad apps, Tablet, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

The mini-Mozart in me just dusted off his conductor's baton, as after playing about at the new iPad launch event with the latest version of GarageBand, I think I've got a whole symphony in me. That's because Apple have just…

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VIDEO: Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy app for the new iPad 3 hands-on preview

Gerald Lynch Apple, Gaming, iPad, iPad apps, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

Armed with a new A5X quad-core graphics chip and super-sharp high resolution Retina Display, the new iPad is looking even more an intimidating gaming machine than its already-impressive preprocessors. This was no better displayed than with Namco's new flight-sim…

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Games publishers rally together to help Japanese earthquake relief cause

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

A number of Japanese games publishers have pledged their support for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami tragedy currently devastating their homeland. From straight donations to charitable downloads, the whole Japanese gaming community looks set to chip in. Sony…

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Beautiful Katamari game exclusive to Xbox 360?

Katherine Hannaford Gaming Leave a Comment

Those rumours that the next Katamari Damacy game, Beautiful Katamari, would be rolled out across all platforms? Well, let’s just say it’s a sad day for the Ninty and Sony fanboys amongst us, as it’s now been confirmed that the next game in the cult-series will be exclusive to the Xbox 360, and may just be an Xbox Live download.

As fellow Shiny site Xboxer pointed out, if the game…

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