amPhones put a mini guitar amp into over-ear headphones

Gerald Lynch Headphones / Earphones, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

If moany neighbours are thwarting your dreams of rock stardom, forcing your speaker stack to woefully low volume levels, then we've got something right up your alley today. Classic amp makers Vox have teamed up with headphone specialists Audio Technica…

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Facebook application iLike poses threat to MySpace

Katherine Hannaford Web 2.0 Leave a Comment

facebook-ilike.jpg Someone get Rupert Murdoch on the phone quick-smart! It appears that the Facebook application iLike has surpassed MySpace in regards to the number of fans/friends individual musicians have.

By far the most popular application on the social-networking site, iLike has eight million users on Facebook, with about 10% of that number using the application each day. Artists such as Kayne West and Nickelback reportedly have a vast…

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