PREVIEW: Sonos Play:3 hands-on

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Sonos, the wireless home streaming speaker maestros, are staking a claim at smaller wallet sizes than usual with the launch of the the Play:3, set to cost £259.99. An entry level system, it not only offers bang for your buck but also introduces a new playful, simplified branding scheme for Sonos. As such, the popular premium S5 speaker gets renamed the Play:5 for instance. We went hands on with the Play:3 to see whether it can match the quality of its renamed sibling.

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Spotify: Everything You Need To Know

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It's taken far longer than American music lovers would have liked, but finally Spotify, the world's premier music streaming service, has launched stateside. Fans of the service in the UK, Sweden and across Europe have raved on about how…

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Spotify: Why it's high time we all stopped being cheapskates and started paying for it

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Spotify have today announced a raft of major changes to their free-to-listen music streaming service that quite drastically cuts back the amount of tracks people will be able to listen to without signing up for a premium price plan. Free…

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5 things we greedily still want Spotify to add

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Spotify rolled out a pretty extensive update to it's streaming service this morning. Adding robust social networking features, Spotify now links in with your Facebook account for lightning fast music sharing between your friends, as well as syncing up your…

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