Can the film industry learn from the music industry to stop piracy?

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Over the weekend we heard the news that Sony Pictures has been hacked by a group known as "GOP" (who aren't the same people as the US Republican "Grand Old Party", presumably). GOP claims to have stolen many of Sony's "secrets", including copies of films that haven't been released, or at least released outside of…

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REVIEW: Video Games Live in London

James O'Malley Gaming 1 Comment

What happens if you take a full orchestra, the sounds of Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and Zelda, and 3000 video gamers? A really fun night out, it turns out. STEVE! #VGL #VideoGamesLive — teaandcheese (@teaandcheese) November 2, 2014 Video Games Live, the stage show created by game composer and former TV presenter Tommy…

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Is Google trying to buy Spotify? Here’s why a deal would be great for both companies.

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Interesting rumours are doing the rounds suggesting that Google might be attempting to acquire music streaming service Spotify. Such a deal could massively upset the music and tech industries. TechRadar reports that Google was on the cusp of making the deal, before deciding that the $4-5bn price was simply too high. To put that into…

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Anti-piracy campaign set to kick off in UK

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In an effort to fight digital piracy, the movie and music industries have announced a deal with the UK’s leading ISPs to send warning emails to alleged copyright infringers. Called the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme, the campaign will focus on alerting people to the fact that their activities infringe copyright. Starting next year, up to…

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