Top five left-handed gadgets for Left Handed Day 2007!

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leftvirgin.jpg Your whole life you’ve been ostracised for being a darn lefty, you’ve had troubles using implements such as knives and scissors every day of your life. Of course, you’re blessed with an extra-creative mind, but that’s small compensation when you can’t even open a tin of baked beans. Today you can rejoice in all your left-handed glory however, as not only is it the international Left Handed Day 2007, but we’ve put together a list of the top five gadgets for lefties, enjoy.

1.) Virgin’s Sony Ericsson LH-Z200 mobile phone – it’s about three years old, but you can still find them lurking on eBay, where they have a unique keypad layout perfect for lefties, with the number keys positioned from right to left. It was £119.99 when it came out three years ago, but would obviously be significantly less now…

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Logitech launches MX Air rechargeable cordless mouse

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logitech mx air mouse

Logitech has unveiled its MX Air rechargeable cordless mouse, a versatile laser mouse that works both on the desk and in the air.

The device is like a cross between a remote control and a mouse, and is supposed to cater for those who want to command their media PC from the comfort of their sofa (or indeed, anywhere that there’s an absence of solid, flat surface to use a traditional mouse on).

“The MX Air mouse offers a radically new way for people to control their PC entertainment,” said Erik Charlton, Logitech director of product marketing for performance and gaming mice. “It’s for anyone who has listened to music on their PC and been frustrated by having to return to the desk to change songs or volume. It’s for people who want to share vacation photos with friends and family without being tied to the desk. It’s for any of the millions of people using the Internet to browse and watch videos on sites such as YouTube or Grouper. And it’s for people with a living-room computer or media PC who want to navigate their media content on their terms.”

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Hey lecher, lay your wrist between a pair of boobies at work with these mouse-pads

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A silly one to start the day off with, I can imagine these mouse-pads which have real silicone implants attached to the jubblie or bum bits would go down a treat for a gag-gift for a workmate. Probably in Zoo, Nuts, or Loaded magazine’s offices. Certainly not in our Shiny Towers, where most of us are women and most of my colleagues…

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