Logitech shows off its revamped gaming lineup – two keyboards a headset and a mouse

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Next up, it’s Logitech’s turn to show off its new products to the world. They’ve got the G19 keyboard, the G13 gameboard, the G9x mouse and the G35 surround sound headset. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the G stands for ‘gaming’, because these are all very squarely focused at PC gamers.

I’ll start with the G19, which we spotted previously, but called the G18. In every other respect, though, it seems to be the same model – it’s got the same 320 x 240 colour LCD, the same 12 macro keys, and the superb “game mode” switch that disables the Windows key so you don’t hit it by accident at a crucial moment. No sign of that D-pad, though.

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Logitech celebrates its billionth mouse

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The humble computer mouse has come a long way since the Sixties when it was first demonstrated, and though some believe that the advent of touchscreens and other new innovations mark the demise of it, Logitech doesn’t think so.

Today it has announced that it has shipped its billionth mouse, and is looking forward to bringing out more innovating mouse-based input devices in the future.

Logitech’s president and CEO, Gerald P Quindlen, said that the company’s MX Air and diNovo Mini hinted at what the company has in store.

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Cryogenics: Scientists clone mouse frozen for 16 years

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It’s not quite freezing someone and then waking them up thousands of years into the future, but it’s getting there. Scientists in Japan have successfully cloned a mouse that has lain frozen for 16 years. It raises the possibility of cloning other animals who’ve been frozen for hundreds or thousands of years – resurrecting extinct mammals.

The authors of the study are doubtful, however. They point out that it would be impractical to resurrect a mammoth, for instance, because there are no live mammoth cells available, and the ‘genomic material’ in something frozen for that long is ‘inevitably degraded’. Damn. I was looking forward to a pet pygmy mammoth.

(via ABC News)

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Gyration Air Mouse launching in the UK

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Movea has announced that its Gyration Air Mouse, which allows control of a PC both with and without a flat surface to work on, is coming soon to the UK.

When you’ve a desk in front of you, its laser-guided precision tracking works just like a normal mouse. However, when you’re away from your desk, or feel like waving something around in the air while actually getting something useful done, its MotionSense technology provides precise in-air motion tracking. Giving the mouse quick flicks with the wrist can advance presentations, control multimedia, start and stop effects, change audio volume or TV channel, and more…

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This time scientists give mice a live-forever liver.. so unfair.

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Can someone please tell me exactly what is so very wrong with mice that Scientists are determined to spend so much time supe-ing them up?!

Last week i wrote about scientists who created exercise-in-a-pill for mice. Well, this week, different lab-coat wearing mouse-botherers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University in New York, have gone and genetically modified a lil’ mouse’s liver to stop the aging process in it. And it’s worked, apparently.

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A bitter pill to swallow: Scientists give mice effort-free exercise

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Lazy bastards and fatties rejoice – scientists in California have gone and created a pill that does all the hard work of exercise for you, helping you lose weight AND get fitter. Great news, yeah? Well, no.. Because before you get all excited and go mad ordering an extra large stuff-crust pizza in celebration – you should probably note that the pill only works on mice.

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Idiot analyst predicts death of mouse by 2013

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Just to clarify: that’s not one individual mouse – such as a cheeky, fun-loving rodent inhabiting said analyst’s house, much to the annoyance of his hapless, accident-prone cat. No he’s talking about the humble computer mouse, invented back in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart and probably now attached to over a billion personal computers even as I type this. No matter; Garter analyst Steve Prentice reckons that their final days will come in the next 3-5 years.

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