The Digest: New details on Sony hack… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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FBI Director Comey reveals new details on the Sony hack | The Verge "Speaking at a cybersecurity conference in Manhattan, FBI director James Comey went into more detail about how the FBI determined North Korea was behind the recent digital attacks on Sony Pictures, which culminated in the partially canceled release of The…

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Motorola announce new Moto X & Moto G in the most annoying way – and give us the Moto 360 release date

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Congratulations to Motorola's marketing department for coming up with perhaps the most unbearable copy from this year's IFA show. See if you can make it through this nonsense without despairing at the world. I've bolded the particularly hideous bits. "A year ago we relaunched Motorola with a very clear purpose -- to give you more…

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Motorola Moto X officially revealed: Specs, features, pricing and release date

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Motorola have finally lifted the covers off their long-awaited Moto X handset, revealed as a gap-bridging device from the Google-owned company to tide smartphone fans over while they await the next entry into the Nexus line. A 4.7-inch handset, the…

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