TRAILER: Skyrim Dragonborn DLC FINALLY lets you fly dragons!

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Tech Digest news 20 Comments

Bethesda have just officially lifted the lid on the next DLC pack for their genre-defining RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's called Dragonborn and, finally, it'll let you fly on the back of the game's monstrous dragons! And…

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REVIEW: The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim Dawnguard DLC expansion (PC / Steam)

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After a long old wait since the release of the Xbox 360 version, Dawnguard, the first expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, hits PCs through Steam. Is the lure of a vampiric adventure enough to tempt gamers back into the gigantic world once more, or is it time to lay down our swords and shields of Skyrim and move on? Read on to find out!

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Opinion: Does Microsoft's modded console ban really stop piracy? Or does it just alienate innocent tinkerers?

Gerald Lynch Columns & Opinion, Gaming, Microsoft, Tech Digest news, Top stories 8 Comments

The move is an attempt to deter piracy and cheating in online games, two problems that obviously and validly need addressing. But have the bans hurt users with more innocent intentions for their modifications?

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Commodore 64 laptop from the House of Heck

Daniel Sung Computers Leave a Comment


The irrepressible Ben Heck has come up with another gem, this time in the incredibly old school shape of a Commodore 64, only now it’s a laptop. It’s got the best part of all the original innards, minus the odd bit shaved off to actually get it to fit into foldable form, and sits pretty, if clunky, with a 15″ LCD and original on/off rocker switch on the side.

Take a look at BH’s site for a better glimpse of how the magic happens but personally my favourite touch is the use of beige to really give it that 1980s computer effect. Good work once again, Mr Heck.


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NES console squeezed into light gun

Al W Gaming 1 Comment

Let’s see – a video games console stuffed into an unlikely chassis… It’s got to be Ben Heck up to his old tricks, right? Well, no, actually, but it’s clearly inspired by his many impressive works as it first showed up on the Ben Heck forums. This latest mod is a Nintendo 8-bit NES system, which forum poster GonzoMPM-1 has somehow managed to cram inside an old light gun controller.

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