Osama Bin Laden Pakistan compound now a playable Counter Strike level

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

Despite being available in various forms since 2004, Counter Strike: Source still attracts a hardcore group of twitch-happy FPS gamers looking to get their online counter-terrorism fix. The game also has one of the most busy modding communities out there…

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The Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 – a readymade case-modded Xbox 360, pre-installed in a Lian-Li PC box

Gary Cutlack Computers, Gaming 1 Comment


The Lian-Li Xbox 360 PC case mods have been around for a while. The idea is you stick your Xbox 360’s internal bits into one, preying you don’t break any of it in the process, then relax – safe in the knowledge that your Xbox 360’s insides have more room to breathe. And are less likely to overheat and break.

If you’re not keen on doing it yourself, perhaps because you don’t own the right kind of screwdriver and can’t even see any damn screws on your Xbox 360 anyway, UK-based supplier QuietXbox.com will do all the hard work for you…

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RAF told to shoot down UFOs – ex MoD employee spills the space beans

Daniel Sung Space 3 Comments


A gentleman who used to work for the Ministry of Defence has said that the RAF has been trying, unsuccessfully, to shoot down UFOs for years.

Nick Pope, who worked on the MoD’s UFO desk for three years, told the Sun:

“We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down – with little effect to the UFO.”

According to Pope, pilots only open fire if they consider the UFO to be a threat to UK airspace…

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DREAMCAST NEWS: PC modder crams Blu-ray media computer into DC's lovely white case

Gary Cutlack Computers, Gaming 1 Comment


The beautiful, chunky, solid, reliable and timelessly elegant casing of Dreamcast has been put to good use by some crazed PC modder, who’s managed to fit a full PC – including Blu-ray drive and HDMI outputs – into its stylish little form. A form that was BETTER than the form of PlayStation2.

The controller ports round the front have been turned into USB slots, there’s a 160GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM inside, plus it runs Windows XP…

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