Apple stores told to expect two separate new hardware deliveries – iPhone 5S AND 5C?

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Music to the ears of Apple fans (and likely the beginnings of a month of major headaches for Apple store employees), rumour has it that the Cupertino company's retail staff have been told to expect two separate deliveries of brand…

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Fresh BlackBerry 10 leaks as BB10 training manual revealed

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The BlackBerry 10 leaks are coming thick and fast now ahead of the operating system's January 30 launch. As well as new info about the BlackBerry X10 and Z10 handsets touching down this week, now RIM have to suffer a…

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Couples "three times more likely" to text I LOVE YOU this Valentine's than say it

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Got that loving feeling? Well these days you're 3 times more likely to open your heart via text than just opening your mouth and saying it. A poll of 2,137 people aged over 18 in the UK showed that 61%…

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Acer unveils phone roadmap for 2009

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At what appeared to be just to be a closer look at the Acer Tempo range of smartphones we saw at MWC, the notebook giants revealed their mobile phone plans for world domination.

By Q3 2009, you can expect to see handsets such as the H2, L1, C1 and E1 sporting 5-megapixel cameras and all working on Windows Mobile 6.5. It will mean that by the end of the year, the company that sells 33 million computers worldwide will have over 10 mobile phones…

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MWC 2008: Samsung's possible F480, G400 flip and F400 handsets

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Stories are flying thick and fast across the blogging networks about Samsung possibly announcing more than a dozen new handsets this week at MWC. Until they’re officially confirmed, we’ll just show you a couple that are the most impressive – the F480, G400 flip and F400.

If you’re looking at the F480 on the left there, and thinking it looks familiar, you’d be right, as it’s basically the Armani-branded handset from 2007, minus the actual Armani branding. At 11.5mm thick and with a 2.8″, 240 x 320 touchscreen, it also adopts…

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Opinion: Bluetooth is not the colour when it comes to football technology

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Jon_smal.gifWe’ve all experienced it, walking or driving past a mysterious embedded Bluetooth advert somewhere that tries to download itself to your phone automatically because the BT is switched on, ready to receive on your handset.

Of course, you’ve got the option to decline it and unless you are very stupid, you will do so because that download could be anything, from a mobile-type virus to porn.

But now a firm called Bluepod Media is hoping to deluge us with adverts each time we step inside the football stadium of our favourite team…

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Opinion: Mobile phone deals aren't call for cash

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Jon_smal.gifThey’ve always said you don’t get anything for free in this life, but flick towards the back of any of the tabloid newspapers in this country and you’d have to question that view.

FREE Xbox 360, FREE iPod, FREE laptop, FREE Wii, FREE PSP, FREE HDTV, FREE money – and all you have to do is sign up for a FREE mobile phone. In fact, some of the deals even give you a FREE handset with your FREE handset. Please, tell me, where do I sign…

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