Water may soon be used to charge your phone

Stuart O'Connor Mobile phones, Science, Smartphones Leave a Comment

Smartphones and water are not normally best buddies - as anyone who has dropped their handset in the loo can attest - but that all may change soon thanks to some clever scientists. It seems that researchers at MIT (aka the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) could well have have found a way to harness the…

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AR headset pioneer Steve Mann allegedly assaulted in French McDonalds over wearable computer

Gerald Lynch Augmented reality, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

Steve Mann, the pioneer behind wearable computers like Google's Glass AR headset and head of MIT's wearable computers group has been allegedly assaulted in a case that acts to highlight the potential privacy issues behind connected, computerised heads-up displays. Mann…

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MIT develops 6D technology display that responds to surrounding light

Andy Merrett Gadgets, Science Leave a Comment


It’s all go in the world of 3D and beyond. Not content with a 3D image cube and 3D LCD gCubik box, researchers have now come up with 6D imagery.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are developing a system which can not only show realistic images in three dimensions, but can also cast shadow and highlights depending upon the surrounding lighting…

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A robot that helps you lose weight? Is that Gillian McKeith, then?

Katherine Hannaford Robots

Tech Digest, featuring robots?! Never! The latest in our robotic obsessions is the Autom, which apparently helps people lose weight. I’ll take five!

Being described as a ‘weight maintenance sociable robot’ designed by the MIT Media Lab, it allows users to interact with the ‘bot through a touchpad, whilst it tracks your face and actually speaks to you. Here’s hoping it’s not programmed to say ‘you fat cow, lay off the Krispy Kremes already’….

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