Water may soon be used to charge your phone

Stuart O'Connor Mobile phones, Science, Smartphones Leave a Comment

Smartphones and water are not normally best buddies - as anyone who has dropped their handset in the loo can attest - but that all may change soon thanks to some clever scientists. It seems that researchers at MIT (aka the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) could well have have found a way to harness the…

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AR headset pioneer Steve Mann allegedly assaulted in French McDonalds over wearable computer

Gerald Lynch Augmented reality, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

Steve Mann, the pioneer behind wearable computers like Google's Glass AR headset and head of MIT's wearable computers group has been allegedly assaulted in a case that acts to highlight the potential privacy issues behind connected, computerised heads-up displays. Mann…

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MIT develops 6D technology display that responds to surrounding light

Andy Merrett Gadgets, Science Leave a Comment


It’s all go in the world of 3D and beyond. Not content with a 3D image cube and 3D LCD gCubik box, researchers have now come up with 6D imagery.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are developing a system which can not only show realistic images in three dimensions, but can also cast shadow and highlights depending upon the surrounding lighting…

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A robot that helps you lose weight? Is that Gillian McKeith, then?

Katherine Hannaford Robots Leave a Comment

Tech Digest, featuring robots?! Never! The latest in our robotic obsessions is the Autom, which apparently helps people lose weight. I’ll take five!

Being described as a ‘weight maintenance sociable robot’ designed by the MIT Media Lab, it allows users to interact with the ‘bot through a touchpad, whilst it tracks your face and actually speaks to you. Here’s hoping it’s not programmed to say ‘you fat cow, lay off the Krispy Kremes already’….

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