Military-grade hardware: the Stinger 553 SFF PC

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Have you got a dusty, vibration-filled, humid place that you desperately need to put a PC in? Me too! That’s why I’m going to be buying the Stinger 553 SFF PC, from CodaOctopus Colmek. It’s based around an Intel Atom processor, and packs 2GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD and eight USB ports.

I doubt it’ll cope with Far Cry 2, despite probably being able to survive all the stresses of the game if it were reality. It conforms to MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461E environmental standards and MIL-STD0704E power supply voltage standards, whatever that means, and measures just 5″ x 5″ x 3″, so it’s a tiny wee thing. No price, heh, but with an aluminium alloy chassis, I doubt this thing will be cheap.

Stinger 553 (via Engadget)

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Terrorists on Twitter? The US Army seem to think so…

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A draft Army intelligence report reckons that terrorists might be able to use popular microblogging service Twitter to co-ordinate attacks against the United States. It follows fears that World of Warcraft might be used for the same purposes both stories beg the question: haven’t the US army got anything better to do…?

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Terrorists planning their next deadly attack using… World of Warcraft?

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That’s the 100% crackpot theory being investigated by the US military at the moment, as senior officials worry that shifty-looking foreign people are massing on WoW servers to practise unleashing death.

A man called Dr. Dwight Toavs, who is a professor at the US National Defence University, gave a presentation (PowerPoint file here) on how a virtual world…

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"non-pneumatic tire" (or tyre if you're English) – very exciting for non-latex based rubber

Daniel Sung Vehicles, Weaponry 2 Comments


Why am I so excited by these tyres? I was going to ask you/me/the ether that very question but I’ve answered it even before I managed to tap it out into Movable Type. I’m excited by these tyres because they’re completely brilliant. They’re cool. I hate to use that word but they are. They’re cool.

These tyres are cool because they’re a game changer – another phrase I can’t stand. Unfortunately, the game in this case happens to be military warfare but it seems some good can come out of the practise of killing people.

The NPT has been developed by Resilient Technologies as part of their $18m grant from the Pentagon (I wonder if they’d give me one of them?) and it’s made of a honeycomb structure that’s enough to hold up the weight of a Humvee

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Spider landmine: six legs, not necessarily as deadly as a black widow

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As landmines go, this innovative XM-7 Spider is pretty safe. It is controlled by a human operator, so it should be easy to locate with no danger of the home side stumbling into it.

When it arrives in situ, it puts out six trip wires, 60 degrees apart, and in line with the canisters which can loaded with either explosive charges or non-lethal gases…

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