Separate Xbox One Kinect rumoured to be launching in October

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If you're one of those Xbox One owners who picked the system up without a Kinect, you've probably been wondering if you'd ever be able to buy a standalone Kinect. Now Microsoft is reportedly going to be selling the Xbox One Kinect sensor from October 6. According to Windows Phone Central, which quotes unnamed sources,…

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Steve Ballmer quits Microsoft board

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Former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has resigned as a member of the company’s board, ending more than three decades of involvement in the world’s biggest software maker. Ballmer, 58, is still Microsoft’s top individual shareholder. He had initially remained as a director after handing the top job over to one of his deputies, Satya…

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Microsoft clones Snapchat with WindUp

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It seems that even Microsoft is now cloning Snapchat with its own Windows Phone app. Microsoft Research has published a messaging app in the Windows Phone store that behaves exactly like Snapchat, as spotted by Neowin. The app is called WindUp, works on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, and is available to download…

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Microsoft loses $400m on Xbox One

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In news that will no doubt please Sony, Microsoft - which spent $2.1 billion producing and marketing the Xbox One - has reported a loss of $400 million (£238m) since launching the console in November last year. The Independent reports that the news comes from Microsoft’s annual earnings report for 2014, and shows the loss…

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Xbox One digital TV tuner coming in October

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Xbox One owners in Europe will soon be able to ditch their separate digital set-top box, if they have one. Microsoft has announced that from October, the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner will be available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The company says that the tuner will provide users with an over-the-air…

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Like Google, Microsoft tips off police on child porn

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Google isn’t alone in its scanning for child porn - Microsoft is also keeping its cyber-eyes peeled. The BBC reports that a tip-off from Microsoft has led to the arrest of a man in Pennsylvania who has been charged with receiving and sharing child abuse images. Microsoft informed the National Center for Missing and Exploited…

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