Mad Catz launch Eclipse Litetouch range of gaming keyboards

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If your online shooter frag count is looking a bit sheepish recently, take a look at the new Mad Catz Eclipse Litetouch range of gaming keyboards. Available in both wired and wireless versions, they're the industry's first customisable backlit keyboards…

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Skype five-way video chat added in 5.0 beta

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The Skype 5.0 beta release was launched this week, bringing with it the ability to hold five-way video chat sessions amongst your group of contacts. Much like in an instant messaging conversation, you can now add contacts to chat sessions,…

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Bigfoot Networks launch the Killer 2100 gaming network card

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Lag making your frag-count sag? Getting over-run by Left 4 Dead 2's zombie-horde time and again due to stuttering connection issues. Then take a look at Bigfoot Networks' latest gaming network card, the Killer 2100. Tailored specifically to the needs…

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