REVIEW: Yeti Pro USB microphone

Blue Microphones set themselves a high standard when they released the superb Yeti microphone, but they're out to top even those lofty aural heights with the Yeti Pro. Could this be the finest USB microphone ever built?

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Gerald LynchREVIEW: Yeti Pro USB microphone

Epson EH-DM3 LCD Projector – Review

Name: EH-DM3 (Epson) Type: LCD Projector Specs: Contrast Ratio: 3,000:1 Brightness: 2,000 Lumens Resolution: 540p (960×540) Connectivity: HDMI input, component, composite, D-Sub PC input, USB, digital coaxial audio output, mic input Dimensions: 127mm H x 335mm W x 239mm…

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Gerald LynchEpson EH-DM3 LCD Projector – Review

Blue Microphones unveil the Snowball USB mic

Blue Microphones have today announced the release of their Snowball USB mic. Ideal for podcasts, Skype conversations or home recording, the microphone costs £89.95, available from Solutions-Inc. Thanks to a dual capsule design and three-pattern switch (cardioid, cardioid with -10db…

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Gerald LynchBlue Microphones unveil the Snowball USB mic

Hide a GSM bug microphone in this pot-pourri, and eavesdrop on your 'friends'

pot-pourri-spy-camera.jpgFor readers who saw the previous post and are now planning on holding your very own Taser party, but can’t not invite your bitchy neighbour Cynthia, because she lent you that cup of sugar that time, here’s a way to ensure she doesn’t gossip about your living-room colour scheme without you knowing about it.

It may look like a sweet (ok, Martha Stewart-approved) piece of decoration, but hidden inside the basket of pot-pourri is a GSM bug. Simply place by the cheese and crackers, and once she’s stuffing her face with…

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Katherine HannafordHide a GSM bug microphone in this pot-pourri, and eavesdrop on your 'friends'