Air Keyboard – the latest wireless solution from Firebox

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The Air Keyboard, a tiny wireless keyboard ideal for the living room, is now for sale from Firebox. The Air Keyboard connects to your device of choice via a wireless USB dongle. Fully compatible with PCs, media centres and even…

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Medion launches Akoya P8610 18" media centre notebook

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Medion, the mid-range laptop producer who sell great machines at surprisingly low prices, yesterday announced the Akoya P8610 at Dolby’s sound laboratories in deepest darkest Soho. It’s a whopping 18.4″ beast of a machine, with Blu-ray drive, and some awesome Dolby sound-enhancing technology. Let’s take a look in more detail.

The aforementioned 18.4″ screen runs at 1,680 x 945 resolution, which the astute among you will recognise as 16:9 aspect ratio. The Dolby audio system will happily output in 5.1 surround, or alternatively you can use the surround virtualisation filter on a stereo signal to make it sound like it’s a surround source, either on a speaker system or on headphones.

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The $25,000 ITC One entertainment home warehouse adds Blu-ray support

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It’s unlikely many of you are in the market for an ITC One, what with the gigantic SE2 Labs home entertainment solution costing about as much as a small Korean family hatchback.

The ITC One’s around the size of two PC cases, and already contains an Xbox 360, Wii, HD PVR, surround sound amp and processor, plus an iPod dock because every new electrical product launched

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Wii gets X-OOM Media Centre to stream music, films and photos via Wi-Fi

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xoom-wii-media-centre.jpgNintendo hasn’t exactly pushed Wii as a multimedia machine, preferring to focus on the gaming aspects first and foremost. But other companies have a different idea. X-OOM Software has just unveiled its X-OOM Media Centre product, which lets you stream music, movies and photos to your Wii from your PC, using Wi-Fi.

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